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Going to post this here because it's not official TIP stuff yet.

So, remember 5 or so years ago when I said I was going to subtitle the Back Stage series and then never did? Yes, well, I've decided this will be the summer that actually gets done. I'll be releasing one episode a week (if I can keep up the pace). They're going up online temporarily, mostly as a prod to remind myself to keep going. Once they're all done, they'll be gathered together into a TIP disc.

Much thanks to Sakiko for helping me with some. All mistakes are mine, and I'll be the first to admit these are pretty rough.

I kind of want to skip down to ep 4, which is the coolest. But, no. In order, in order....

The Back Stage was a short, 15 minute show which aired on Sky Stage in 2012. Each episode featured various aspects of stagecraft for Takarazuka shows in 2011-2012.

The Back Stage #1: Set / Large Props
The Back Stage #2: Stage Manager & Set
The Back Stage #3: Lighting & Electricity
The Back Stage #4: Stage Mechanisms
The Back Stage #5: Dinner Shows
The Back Stage #6: Costumes
The Back Stage #7: Music / Orchestra
The Back Stage #8: Props
The Back Stage #9: Takarazuka Bow Hall
The Back Stage #10: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater (part 1)
The Back Stage #11: Tokyo Takarazuka Theater (part 2)

The website for Takarazuka Stage (crew) has the episodes posted, without translation, for anyone too impatient to wait for subtitles [link].
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The official Takarazuka Revue article on the retirement press conference is always pretty cookie-cutter, so I'm not bothering to translate that one (i.e. - Revue rep says "She was a great asset," retiree says "I loved my time, it was very meaningful, thank you to my fans for their support, I haven't decided yet what I will do after retirement, but I want to give my all for my remaining time with the Revue.").

But I liked the Daily Sports Online article. Wish I could have been there for the press conference.

[ Article with photos ]


Ryuu Masaki, Her Reason for Retiring: "To Prepare for Marriage"

Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe Top Star Ryuu Masaki held a press conference at a hotel in Osaka City on the 16th, where she told us that "like my name Ryuu (Dragon), I want to continue to climb high until the very last second of the last minute." She also clearly stated that her reason for retiring was "to prepare for marriage!" However, when asked about who she might marry, she replied with an impish smile: "I'm not sure yet."

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Oops, I thought I posted the script for The New Tale of Genji, but I went looking for it after they announced the revival and couldn't find it anywhere. So, here it is now.

It's a slightly digested script, I think. I can't remember exactly how much I changed working to match it to the NHK broadcast, but I don't think it was too much.
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Since it's been so long, a short reminder that Oura is currently in the middle of the South-East Asia Tour in December 1982, and recently had an unpleasant run-in with food poisoning.

[Dream of Takarazuka table of contents ]

28 ~*~ Burma Performance )

And we're back in Japan at last for our next installment, where Oura is finally transferred to Flower Troupe....
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26 ~*~ Second Foreign Performance

Read more... )

27 ~*~ The Terrifying Food Poisoning Incident

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[ Dream of Takarazuka table of contents ]
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Mmm, I think this may possibly be a new high in sloppiness, but I really don't think I can sit through re-reading it again for a more thorough edit. Please do let me know if you catch any mistakes.

One of the more depressing Nihonmono (but still very lovely!).

Yukariko (complete script)
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Edward VIII (complete script)

Finished at last! Sorry for the delay. I hope I'll get my other project finished quickly this week or the next as well.

As always, I only have the patience for quick edits, so if you spot any typos or mistakes, don't be bashful about dropping me a line.

I just... continue to love this show so much. I know it didn't appeal to some people because it was such a "talky" show, but I hope with a translation the humor in it shines through more clearly. It was such a perfect show for Kiriyan and Marimo to bow out with: Squabbling, petty, lovely pair that their characters were, I think the love shone through.
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Two more weeks until the practicum is over, and then I intend to translate like a crazy translating thing. Man, I miss the internet. XD

The turning point.

Also, I made an adjustment, and decided to translate Sandayuu and Geki's title of "karou" as "minister," rather than "chief retainer," for simplicity's sake. I've fixed the other entries as well to reflect this.

Scene 9 // Suddenly, Midorio-! )

Next up, scene 10 - The Wedding Night.
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A little back-story on this one. [livejournal.com profile] shirabyoshi scanned it for me, er, four years ago and it kind of sat on my desktop for a long time. XD

This is an article from the December 1966 issue of GRAPH, featuring an interview with six of the remaining eight members of the 44th class (1957). One of those members is Matsumoto Yuri, who is still a member of Senka today. At the time, she was a member of Snow Troupe, as was Hayama Michiko, who also went on to join Senka, and remained a member until 1996 when she retired and became vice-principal of TMS. There were also three members of Star Troupe: Kamiji Chizuru (retired in '74), Nazuki Hitomi (retired in '76) and Kokonoe Sakiko (retired in '69), as well as one member of Flower Troupe: Miwa Hisayuri† (retired in '67). Miwa Hisayuri had several lead roles at the time, in Star Troupe and Flower Troupe. Because the two members of Moon Troupe were absent, and considering the author's introduction, the interview itself probably took place on or around October 27th.

(†) Most Japanese online sources list her name as splitting "Miwahisa" and "Yuri," but throughout the article her name is written as "Miwa," and I can't imagine they would drop half her name like that. So I'm going to break with tradition and write it Miwa Hisayuri.

Classmate Talk
Their Troupes May be Separate, But Their Hearts are One
Participants: Miwa Hisayuri (Flower), Hayama Michiko (Snow), Matsumoto Yuri (Snow), Kamiji Chizuru (Star), Kokonoe Sakiko (Star), Nazuki Hitomi (Star)

● From their hatsubutai, the members of this class were said to be both lovely and--more importantly--studious and serious. Their steady footprints remain in various places as they work hard on the stage. Flower Troupe is on the verge of their Tokyo Theater performance, the opening night for Star Troupe's November performance is close, and Snow Troupe had a flawless closing night for their month-long performance today. Members of these three troupes found time in their hectic schedule to come have a talk with us. We'll call them the "Best Six."

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If I'm going to castigate people for not translating GRAPH articles, I guess I should do my part. ;) I cut this out of GRAPH back in '11 and brought it back with me with the intention of translating it, but somehow never got around to it. An all-musumeyaku talk.

Sakura Ichika Hanano Juria Hatsuhime Saaya Kayou Kirari
GRAPH - November 2011

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I love the dialogue in this play so much... and I wish all of you who haven't seen it could see it in action because the dry translation is just awkward and lacks the bite that the actresses brought to it. This whole scene is one big long piece of fabulousness.

Scene 5 // Westminster Abbey )
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There are getting to be enough chapters now that I suppose it's time to start organizing them in an index as well as just the tags. Look at that, half done chapter-wise, more than half done if you count pages! :D

Dream of Takarazuka
by Ōura Mizuki
(Originally published in the magazine Palette from 1989 through 1991.)

1 ~*~ The Day of Fate
2 ~*~ Father's Opposition
3 ~*~ Ballet
4 ~*~ First Love
5 ~*~ The Incident

6 ~*~ The Entrance Exam
7 ~*~ The Journey
8 ~*~ Entering the School

9 ~*~ My Time as a Yokasei
10 ~*~ Determined Goofing-Off

11 ~*~ First Setback
12 ~*~ Stage Name * Ōura Mizuki
13 ~*~ 'I want to see my mother.'
14 ~*~ I'll Make Singing My Life!
15 ~*~ Parting From Mizushima-Sensei

16 ~*~ My Time in Snow Troupe
17 ~*~ I Woke Up to Drama
18 ~*~ First Foreign Performance
19 ~*~ A Sudden Transfer
20 ~*~ First Star Troupe Performance
21 ~*~ 'Pleasing Oura'
22 ~*~ The Struggle With Osaka-Ben
23 ~*~ The Blooming Topknot
24 ~*~ Bow Hall Lead Roles
25 ~*~ First National Tour
26 ~*~ Second Foreign Tour
27 ~*~ The Terrifying Food Poisoning Incident

28 ~*~ Burma Performance
29 ~*~ Transfering Yet Again
30 ~*~ The Windfall (?) of Nibante
31 ~*~ The Time I Fell Off the Silver Bridge
32 ~*~ 'Make-Believe Recital'
33 ~*~ Pei-san
34 ~*~ 'Bwother!'
35 ~*~ The Anticipation of Closing Night
36 ~*~ Takarasienne
37 ~*~ Unexpectedly On My Stomach
38 ~*~ Course of Medical Treatment
39 ~*~ Crack
40 ~*~ Tears Dripping
41 ~*~ 'Nooo!'
42 ~*~ Formidable Man
43 ~*~ Days of Rehabilitation
44 ~*~ Inconceivable Leave of Absence
45 ~*~ To London
46 ~*~ Reunited With the Stage
47 ~*~ Being Top.....
48 ~*~ The Curtain Rises
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When we last left our plucky heroine, she was telling us about Lovers' Suicide. Here she continues with more backstage stories from the show.

23 ~*~ The Blooming Topknot )

Next Up: Chapter 24 ~ Bow Hall Lead


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