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Since it's been so long, a short reminder that Oura is currently in the middle of the South-East Asia Tour in December 1982, and recently had an unpleasant run-in with food poisoning.

[Dream of Takarazuka table of contents ]

28 ~*~ Burma Performance )

And we're back in Japan at last for our next installment, where Oura is finally transferred to Flower Troupe....
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26 ~*~ Second Foreign Performance

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27 ~*~ The Terrifying Food Poisoning Incident

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[ Dream of Takarazuka table of contents ]
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There are getting to be enough chapters now that I suppose it's time to start organizing them in an index as well as just the tags. Look at that, half done chapter-wise, more than half done if you count pages! :D

Dream of Takarazuka
by Ōura Mizuki
(Originally published in the magazine Palette from 1989 through 1991.)

1 ~*~ The Day of Fate
2 ~*~ Father's Opposition
3 ~*~ Ballet
4 ~*~ First Love
5 ~*~ The Incident

6 ~*~ The Entrance Exam
7 ~*~ The Journey
8 ~*~ Entering the School

9 ~*~ My Time as a Yokasei
10 ~*~ Determined Goofing-Off

11 ~*~ First Setback
12 ~*~ Stage Name * Ōura Mizuki
13 ~*~ 'I want to see my mother.'
14 ~*~ I'll Make Singing My Life!
15 ~*~ Parting From Mizushima-Sensei

16 ~*~ My Time in Snow Troupe
17 ~*~ I Woke Up to Drama
18 ~*~ First Foreign Performance
19 ~*~ A Sudden Transfer
20 ~*~ First Star Troupe Performance
21 ~*~ 'Pleasing Oura'
22 ~*~ The Struggle With Osaka-Ben
23 ~*~ The Blooming Topknot
24 ~*~ Bow Hall Lead Roles
25 ~*~ First National Tour
26 ~*~ Second Foreign Tour
27 ~*~ The Terrifying Food Poisoning Incident

28 ~*~ Burma Performance
29 ~*~ Transfering Yet Again
30 ~*~ The Windfall (?) of Nibante
31 ~*~ The Time I Fell Off the Silver Bridge
32 ~*~ 'Make-Believe Recital'
33 ~*~ Pei-san
34 ~*~ 'Bwother!'
35 ~*~ The Anticipation of Closing Night
36 ~*~ Takarasienne
37 ~*~ Unexpectedly On My Stomach
38 ~*~ Course of Medical Treatment
39 ~*~ Crack
40 ~*~ Tears Dripping
41 ~*~ 'Nooo!'
42 ~*~ Formidable Man
43 ~*~ Days of Rehabilitation
44 ~*~ Inconceivable Leave of Absence
45 ~*~ To London
46 ~*~ Reunited With the Stage
47 ~*~ Being Top.....
48 ~*~ The Curtain Rises
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When we last left our plucky heroine, she was telling us about Lovers' Suicide. Here she continues with more backstage stories from the show.

23 ~*~ The Blooming Topknot )

Next Up: Chapter 24 ~ Bow Hall Lead
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A lot of people had questions about the Takarasienne exams. To be honest, the friend that I got details from did her research and spoke to people in the company prior to the change in exam policy, so I'm not really sure how well my information reflects what is going on today, and it was about seven years ago that she told me, so I probably am not remembering clearly. So I'm keeping it vague in order not to spread misinformation.

Currently, I believe they take the exams at the end of their years as ken-1, ken-3, and ken-5. You can see the fallout from the exam results in April, when the list of troupe members on the official website is changed to reflect the new order of the members (of each class).

I'm not certain what they're tested in, but I would guess dance, song, and acting of certain types, to reflect what they learned in TMS.

21 ~*~ 'Pleasing Oura'  )
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Apologies for the delay, especially as this and the next are my two favorite chapters. This one is just a really fascinating look at the Central and South American Tour, and the next is an honest emotional telling of what a troupe transfer can feel like.

18 ~*~ First Foreign Performance )
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I have to admit, hearing so much about the strictness of TMS before, I'm more surprised by what she got away with than anything else. ;)

9 ~*~ My Time as a Yokasei )

10 ~*~ Determined Goofing-Off )


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