Jun. 30th, 2017 03:43 pm
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... I feel as though my IQ has shrunk just reading this summary.

First of all, oh my god.

Second of all, not even a bit subtle. Takarazuka otokoyaku, hide your sons and daughters.

Show Tent Takarazuka
BADDY -He Came from the Moon-
Script/Direction Ueda Kumiko

The setting is Earth metropolis TAKARAUKA-CITY. On a unified and peaceful planet called "Earth," where war and crime has been suppressed, a wanderer from the moon, a real "Baddy," arrives. Baddy is a too cool and elegant heavy smoker. However, all of the planet is a smoke-free zone. Hating restriction, Baddy leads a group of henchmen to do all kinds of evil things to make this boring planet more interesting. His ultimate goal is to steal the planetary savings from the Takarazuka Big Theater Bank. But the omnipotent female police investigator Goody is in pursuit, and in the end she'll track him down!

This is Ueda Kumiko's first revue show.


作・演出/上田 久美子


(Official Site)
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The official Takarazuka Revue article on the retirement press conference is always pretty cookie-cutter, so I'm not bothering to translate that one (i.e. - Revue rep says "She was a great asset," retiree says "I loved my time, it was very meaningful, thank you to my fans for their support, I haven't decided yet what I will do after retirement, but I want to give my all for my remaining time with the Revue.").

But I liked the Daily Sports Online article. Wish I could have been there for the press conference.

[ Article with photos ]


Ryuu Masaki, Her Reason for Retiring: "To Prepare for Marriage"

Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe Top Star Ryuu Masaki held a press conference at a hotel in Osaka City on the 16th, where she told us that "like my name Ryuu (Dragon), I want to continue to climb high until the very last second of the last minute." She also clearly stated that her reason for retiring was "to prepare for marriage!" However, when asked about who she might marry, she replied with an impish smile: "I'm not sure yet."

Read more... )

Le Muguet

Jul. 15th, 2015 10:11 pm
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So, Kashihata Aiko (6th or so female Takarazuka playwright/director in the history of the Revue) appears to be writing a noir murder mystery set in medieval France for her Takarazuka debut.

Aim wild, Kashihata-san, aim wild. :D

I wonder how much this plot will change before they actually put it into production? My vote says it will be something completely different in five months.
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Wow, Manazuki Kou is out for another entire run because of her injury in June. I wonder what happened? :(
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Hi all, sorry for disappearing for so long. Life has been... deflating lately, and I just couldn't get the energy up for fandom.

However, this made me smile, so I had to share: Suzukaze Mayo and Asano Kayo (former top stars of Moon Troupe), went to see the opening night of the revival of PUCK. I've been a fan of Suzukaze-san for about... 18 years now, since I first knew her as a seiyuu (おろ~), so it makes me happy to see her on stage with Masaki♥
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Soooo, Chie is retiring. Now I know that LJ is dead, because I've hardly heard anyone post about it. *sigh* Don't do this! Don't make me become a Twit......

Anyway, I wonder if it's because I've been disconnected from Japanese and twitter/tumblr that I didn't hear as much mumbling about her being top star too long? She was there much longer than stars like Asako, Osa, etc., but I didn't pick up on much negativity.

Or maybe fandom has just become awesome. *grin*

I read through the reports on her press conference, thinking to translate it, but it was really the usual "I'll do my best as an otokoyaku to the end, I loved everything I did, I'm so happy, thank you everyone" type stuff. She mentioned having looked forward to the 100th anniversary and having gone through it, she thought perhaps it was time.

Chie retires and we'll be the senior-most top star. Terrifying. To be honest, I really thought we'd retire with Puck, so I'm curious to see where next year takes us....

News :D

Jul. 15th, 2014 11:36 pm
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So all of the announcements yesterday (today) have been exciting!

*Kano Maria as top musumeyaku of Flower Troupe. I was hoping, but not certain. She impressed me in WMW. On the other hand, I was a bit worried being partnered with Mirio might relegate her to cutesy type roles. But then she's debuting as Gwendolyn, which is cutesy-ish, but also has some bite. I have hopes yet!

* The transfer dance!! Yay, and an interesting bunch. Several young musumeyaku, only one who has had a shinko lead. And Sakurara Karan hasn't even been in Cosmos 5 months. They had her scheduled for the tour and everything, and suddenly she's being swapped over to Snow. I wonder if they're thinking to promote her, or if she has a particular skill, or if it was for a less happy reason. Koma into Senka surprised me, but then I thought about it and now I am super psyched, because this new young Senka is really going to be awesome. An-chan is another surprise and I'm hoping this means good things for her. (I'm still counting that Andre role as a shinko lead--she shared the press with Akizuki Saya, not Umino Mitsuki.)

* Um, Ernest in Love should be cool. Fans who weren't around in '05 are in for a treat. And another lead for Micchan, which sounds awesome. I like her in Nihonmono. I think moving to Senka was the best thing that ever happened to her.

*The rest of the 2015 schedule is out, and although they do add shows later in the year, it's interesting to note that after a couple of Nihon Seinenkan in Jan/Feb, all of the rest of the smaller Tokyo shows are in Akasaka ACT and other venues. ??? Is the Nihon Seinenkan hall getting renovated? Shutting down? Mysteriously booked up for the rest of 2015? ... I popped over to their web site to check, and sure enough: The 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Para-Olympics in the nearby sports facilities means that the hotel is shutting down from the end of April 2015 until spring of 2017. Get this... They're dismantling the building and relocating it!

*Not new news, but I was messing about updating the TakaWiki and I realized a couple of things that either I didn't notice before or had forgotten. Shibata Yukihiro-sensei is writing a NEW musical! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he's written a new show since Kiri no Milano in '05. This is pretty major. And Sha Tamae is directing as well as doing the choreography, which guarantees a visually gorgeous show. I'm leaning more and more towards either Chie or Nene retiring with this one....
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You naughty ladies and gentlemen who have been too busy with things like, well, I have no idea, life or something along those lines.... Very disappointing. Please stop having a life and return to LJ to entertain me us.

This thing! This thing that Becca pointed out in her LJ is the funniest damn thing I have seen/heard in ages. I really want to see it!

CHICAGO homepage w/advance flier

But possibly even better are the looks on the faces of the Broadway cast, where apparently Zunko showed up in full otokoyaku war paint during their curtain calls on the final night of the run to announce the OG performance in Tokyo. Because I just bet the New York audience was expecting that. Right.

Guess what? Guess what? I finally opened up the plastic wrap on one of my Masaki DVDs. The time has come, dundundun.

PS: This! Koshino Ryuu has signed with a talent agency♥ (Her "special skill" is listed as "having a loud voice." Ahahah.)
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I blame all of you for the fact that I find myself listening to the Essen cast of Elisabeth right now. XD I don't think I've dusted off these mp3s in years. Still, Jesper Tyden♥

Mm, okay, news! I've been remiss in talking about news for a while, so I shall blather for a while now instead of studying for my next cert. exam.

Hayami Sei. :( Sei, what's going on? They pulled her from the New Wave cast because of their all-encompassing "ill-health" label, which could be anything from H1N1 to depression. The fact that they pulled her from the entire run three weeks before it was due to start is odd, as those kinds of long, predetermined absences are usually marked as due to an "injury." I hope she's okay, that wasn't news I wanted on New Years Day.

Speaking of injuries and absences.... Hanano Juria. The more concerned I get, the more grateful I am that she hasn't been retired yet. I wonder if they're waiting until she's well enough to get through a show for a proper send-off, considering her seniority? She hasn't made it through an entire show run since Saint-Exupéry / CONGA!! in 2012. :(

Transfers make me happy! Although I was never in a million years expecting to get Saotome Wakaba in Moon. Interesting. She hasn't really been pushed a lot since 2012 (except Chapter Two), which isn't the best of signs for a musumeyaku. I have this feeling they're moving her in as a place holder and nibante musumeyaku since they're transferring Sakihi Miyu out. I miss Aikaze Yume, and I wish they hadn't stopped promoting Hanahi Mira. We have so many strong upperclassmen onnayaku right now, but the younger bunch haven't really been tested at all. It'll be interesting to see what happens and who gets what roles in the next few shows.

They're airing the Wild Meets the Wild in February! Excited!

I really need to start learning the other troupes again (it doesn't take long to fall out of the loop), so I'm looking forward to the broadcasts of all the "New Wave"s. Hoping to find something to overcome my apathy for some of the current/upcoming top stars.
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I think we are going to be Scarlet! This is excellent, because Masaki is so pretty in a dress♥

On the other hand, having successfully avoided Zuka's Gone With the Wind so far, I think this is the end. *grin*
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:/ Another rash of injuries! I hate when this happens. I rather love Hanahi Mira and Hanano Juria, too, which makes it even worse. :/


May. 16th, 2013 09:45 pm
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Well, well, well. So, it starts. Fasten your seatbelts, the 100th year is coming up! ;)

Gone With the Wind back in the Grand Theater.

Another movie adaptation, with "Shall We Dance?" (I really want to see awkward Sou, yes I do♥)

And, most interesting, a version of the Jekyll and Hyde story for Makaze in Drama City. Which means... what? for Yuzurun? Will she be transferring, or does this REON!!II mean Chie will be announcing her retirement soon?
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Getting caught up on the news, just for my own records.

Amami Yuki suffered a minor heart attack during the run of L’honneur de Napoléon. (Not on stage, she wasn't feeling well and was taken to the hospital after a show.) She's so young, what a shock.

Ozora Yuuhi has signed with Avex Management, and will be doing her first post-Takarazuka show this summer, "China Edition: White Thread of a Waterfall" (press conference 1 2 3 video).

Yuuhi's profile at Avex
Official fan club: Volare

Fan letters can be sent to:
Yuuhi Oozora
Avex Management
7th Floor, Avex Bldg
3-1-30 Minami Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Shiichan's baby continues to be the cutest thing ever.

Ozuki Tooma's MY STYLE looks amazing.

As mentioned before, I really want Masaki's Special DVD-BOX

Kiriyan and Matobun are rockin' the Eliza♥

Oh my god, someone feed Masaki....

An-chan♥ Tamakichi♥ I want to see this so badly.

Oh, yes, and THIS.LOOKS.AWESOME. I don't think we've had a good Western in over a decade (Oklahoma doesn't count).

Shinko Q

Mar. 13th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Iiiiinteresting. [ profile] lara_kaulquappe gave me a peek at her shinko program for A Second Fortuitous Meeting 2nd / Etoile de Takarazuka, and it looks like the 98th group B wasn't in it after all. Which makes me wonder if any of the pre-assignment girls from 2011 onward have been appearing in the shinkos? I think we've been linking them under the assumption that they were, but now I'm not so sure. Anyone have any shinko programs from 2011 to now that they could check to confirm or deny? I have a couple, I think. I'll have to check this weekend.

In other news... Isono-san. :(

I'm so sad to see the announcement, even if we were all half expecting it with her entering the danger years.

I used to think she was scary, until Two Kinsmen. Then she gave the clubs such a warm grin during demachi that I had to start to love her.

And her coat and hat at irimachi and demachi. Awesome-sauce. I always feel like I'm watching a detective out of a noir thriller hurry by. ;)
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Okay, so, here's the thing. I am extremely ECSTATIC that Masaki and Chapi are finally getting their own show(s) as top stars. I'm even more ecstatic that it's Lupin! And then even more and more ecstatic that it's Masatsuka-S!

I'm even managing some enthusiasm for a Nakamura Kazunori revue show on the grounds that 1) It's Masaki's first revue show that's all her own and 2) there is a lot of talk of dancing in the description, so things could be fun.

However, I'm also bracing myself a bit, because of the seven Grand Theater shows which Masatsuka-S has done in the past eight years, six were retirement shows for the top stars. To be fair, the recent transfers could mean a lot of things, but I'm keeping it all in perspective. We'll see. If it does turn out to be Masaki's retirement, this will nix my plans of going for the 100th anniversary year. Drat it all. It was going to be my motivation to get through student teaching next fall.
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Mame has had another baby! :D This time it's a little boy they decided to name 'Aiku.' (Good thing her husband is well-known; since she decided to put her blog on pause while taking care of her family, I never would have heard the news otherwise. *grin*)
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Belated picture round-up. ... Am I really going to buy another BeruBara DVD? *whimper*

I think I'll just watch this scene over and over again and ignore the rest of the show.

Also, OMG, Ruutan's 'stache might make it all worthwhile as well. *grin*

Except, no. Noooooo. It's still there. Why!?


Dec. 16th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Oooooh, she rocks♪ And such a smile~~


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