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From [livejournal.com profile] kugelfischli:

The first suggestion would be: you post the numbers of all/some graph/kageki issues you own, somebody replies with one number like kageki 10/2013, you take that magazine from you shelf, look though it and either post a description of your favorite picture, scan it and explain why you love it so much, maybe you feel inspired to translate something, maybe you want to post a sketch or a short story... whatever.

Let's see... I don't have as many issues as I used to, since I sold so many before my last move.

GRAPH: 09/'57, 05/'59, 03/'63, 10/'75, 09/'76, 11/'77, 03-09/'78, 07/'80, 02/'83, 11/'83, 05/'86, 04/'89, 04/'92, 08/94, 02/'96, 11/'96, 01/'97, 04/'97, 11/'98, 07/'00, 09/'01, 12/'01, 08/'02, 03/'04, 09/'05, 01/'06, 08/'07, 05/'09, 12/'09, 05/'10, 07/'10, 10/'10, 11/'10, 01/'11, 05/'11, 06'/11, 09/'12, 11/'13

Kageki: 11/'77, 07-08/'78, 07/'80, 09/'91, 11/'96, 07/'01, 10/'01, 04-06/'02, 03/'03, 03/'04, 02-04/'07, 06-10/'07, 01/'09, 12/'09, 04-05/'10, 09/'10, 12/'10, 03/'11, 08/'11, 03-04/'12, 06-07/'12, 12/'12

Q Meme

Aug. 27th, 2014 09:33 pm
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From [livejournal.com profile] happy_riceball

Post to your blog:
1. What have you been up to in the last year or two?
2. What is the last Takarazuka show you saw and what did you think of it?
3. What was your favorite Takarazuka show of 2013?
4. What actress surprised you the most in 2013?
5. What do you think about the 100th anniversary so far?
6. What troupe you do think will win the Sports Day Festival? (And what troupe will you be rooting for regardless?)
7. What shows do you want for 2015?

1. What have you been up to in the last year or two?

Attempting another master's degree program, this time in education. May possibly actually finish the thesis this time. We'll see.

2. What is the last Takarazuka show you saw and what did you think of it?

Er. Um. I... don't remember? The last review in this blog is Lupin / Fantastic Energy!, so that's probably it. Which was... in March. I fail as a Zuka fan these days. I liked them, but wasn't as blown away as I hoped to be.

3. What was your favorite Takarazuka show of 2013?

Tsukigumo no Miko, definitely. It surprised me with how much I loved it, had some great dance numbers and some absolutely understated dramatical scenes that just broke my heart.

4. What actress surprised you the most in 2013?

Er. Um. Probably Sumiki Sayoto in WmW, but largely because I hadn't known her at all before seeing her in this, and quite liked her. Then Kano Maria for similar reasons, so I was happy to learn about her promotion to top musumeyaku.

5. What do you think about the 100th anniversary so far?

Not much. I hoped for more classic revivals, to be honest, but it is a business, and they do have to cater to their audience, so *shrugs*.

6. What troupe you do think will win the Sports Day Festival? (And what troupe will you be rooting for regardless?)

So, I'm sitting here feeling awful because I can't even remember who won the last two sports festivals. My hazy memory says Tsuki in '04 and maybe it was Yuki (or Hoshi?) in '94?

Anyway, Tsuki and Hoshi are going to be in the middle of and just finishing major runs, so I suspect they're going to be run-down and exhausted. Now, Flower is going to be in rehearsals for Tokyo, but may have had a bit more of a rest. So, used to working together, having a chance to practice some events because they'll be in town.... Similarly, Cosmos will be towards the beginning of their own rehearsals for their November Grand Theater show. Snow will be in town rehearsing smaller runs, maybe. Hm. I feel like Cosmos and Flower will be full of pride and will be loosing some major members, so they'll be pulling together and emotions will be running high. So my bet is on one of them.

Of course I'll be rooting for Tsuki♥

7. What shows do you want for 2015?

I'm actually pretty thrilled for the line-up so far. For our spring Grand Theater I would really, really like to get another made-for-us show. NOT one taking place on a ship. No more.

I'm curious how no Nippon Seinenkan is going to affect the smaller productions planned for next year. The Akasaka ACT Theater is a little bigger... will they lean on tried-and-true shows and bigger stars to keep the theater filled?
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You, yes YOU, let's do an alphabet of current 'siennes you like, and why. Let's see how many we can find ('Q' is obviously out *laughs*)....

Claim a letter and drop a name in the comments and I'll add them here as we get them!

arune Aki (Moon) - There is something about her that always caught my attention when she was on stage, even in the big group numbers. I'd find her without even really looking for her. And I really liked her Violka in the Gypsy Baron shinko. Wish I had seen her Nurse in the R&J shinko....
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Hello everyone! Happy February! XD

Late, but not forgotten, here's my response to [livejournal.com profile] rouen81's meme prompt on the 31st: How do you think the 200th anniversary will be?

Wow, can you imagine? My little hometown turns 200 this year; it's hard for me to really conceptualize 200 years, even with my background in archaeology. 200 can seem so short, but also so long.

I can't even imagine what the predominant cultural trends will be in another hundred years, but whatever they are, you can bet the Revue will be following them. I suspect the "real" Japanese dance performances (like the Buyoukai) will no longer exist, as they have become less popular/profitable and those Senka members with those particular skill sets fade away. They will probably continue to appear in modified versions in the Nihonmono.

I bet the 'sienne will continue to become taller on average, as seems to be the trend among both Japan and the Revue.

There will always be a Grand Staircase and a Silver Bridge. I hope there will always be shanshan and a final parade.

There will probably be more video special effects.

Ticket prices will continue to rise with rising costs of living, but I hope they will always keep some tickets affordable to the masses.

They may add a troupe or drop a troupe, depending on how the company is doing.

I will be 132 and hopefully still spry enough to hop to Japan to see a performance or two. ;)
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[livejournal.com profile] muffin_song's meme prompt for today is: If you had to pick one play to represent Zuka, what would it be? What about one revue?

Oh, man. This is so incredibly tough. Do I pick what I love best? Do I pick what is most likely to draw in new fans? Do I pick what I think represents what Takarazuka is, or should be?

I think I'll use an amalgamation of all of these things, and pick Prince of the Land of Roses for my musical. I choose this because of Takarazuka's early roots in folk and fairy tales (it's an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast), because it has some Zuka ostentatiousness in the Beast's costume, it has a plucky heroine and an interesting villain and villainness, some lovely group dance and chorus numbers that give you a chance to opera-glass everyone in the troupe, and some fun solos, including the all-important angsty ginkyo solo by the Top Star. It was written as an original Takarazuka musical with a certain troupe in mind, which is where Takarazuka really shines, I think. It also has a happy ending!

I had to think long and hard about the revue show as well, because there are shows like Nova Bossa Nova, MAHOROBA, and Fancy Dance, which are some of my favorites. But for quintessential Takarazuka-ness, I think I will choose Viva! It's got your Latin numbers, it has your gangsters, it has Satan, it has a pianist, it has Hollywood, it has bird line dance costumes, it has a pair dance, and it has Charlie dancing what is perhaps the most spectacular solo dance I've ever seen in a Takarazuka show, for the pure passion of dance in it (not just the lip service). Oh, and it has Osa as the Etoile.

On Senka

Jan. 29th, 2014 11:41 am
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[livejournal.com profile] quinquin's meme prompt for today is: The future of Senka.

Hm. Did you know that at one point, Senka was so large they had different groupings by specialty (singers, dancers, actors, Japanese dancers), and it had very little to do with how long someone had been a member of the Revue? Back then it was also much, much more common for stars to perform in different troupes, so Senka weren't the only ones hopping around.

Almost no one from the classes of the 80s joined Senka for a long time, until they gained Ema Naoki and Miho Keiko in the last few years. I was worried for a while that they were going to let Senka die a gradual death. Yet we got those two, and now we have two actresses from 90s classes joining. It's still nothing like it used to be, limping along below 15 members with appearances few and far between, but it's still something.

I wish there were more need for the Japanese dance. I think losing that, really only using it for the Buyoukai (and even those are only every other year now?) is a sad thing. These pop nihonmono revues are missing something.
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[livejournal.com profile] fubuki_fan's meme prompt for today is: Brokeback Mountain has been turned into a muscial. Should Takarazuka do a version at the Bow Hall? ;)

Ah. Well, first I have to admit that I've never seen the movie (or read the book? It was a book too, right?). Which has nothing to do with it being a love story between two men and everything to do with it being an angsty love story with infidelity. Not really my thing. I tend to like my movies as adventure stories, comedies, and other more light-hearted fare. When I want depressing, I watch the news.

I have a really hard time believing Takarazuka would ever do this story, because they walk that fine line very carefully, and I can't think of many gay characters in their shows that aren't in there for stereotypical comic relief. That said, Bow Hall was named for the prow of a ship, forging ahead and experimenting with new things. So, yes, I think they should. It would certainly be... interesting.
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Oh, phew, Semagic is working again.

Today's meme prompt is [livejournal.com profile] kugelfischli's: the weirdest give-away you received at an ochakai?

You know, there have been a lot of weird things, but I think the one that least fit into the usual theme of "ladies purse stuffings" was a measuring tape. But the fan clubs must not have seen it that way, because I've gotten it twice at two different ochakai. ^^;;

The other one, which we couldn't even figure out what it really was until we got home and took it out of the plastic, was a garment bag for shoes. Which was actually super useful, particularly when traveling to ochakai. ;)

Oh! And one more, because it was just such clutter for years, was a (fairly large) box of kleenex. Because the box had been printed with images of the 'sienne in sexy poses against a sports car. I couldn't use it, and I couldn't really store it.... I did finally manage to give it away to someone who would appreciate it♥ It only took four years. ^^;

How about you? What was the weirdest omiyage that you received at an ochakai?

On Changes

Jan. 26th, 2014 09:19 pm
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Yesterday was [livejournal.com profile] muffin_song's prompt (meme): Compared to when you began becoming involved in fandom, what changes in the company have surprised you? Which have not surprised you?

Hm. I've only been a real fan for nine years, but I've learned more about the breadth of changes over the past hundred years over my time as a fan. I feel that, compared to those one hundred years, changes over the past nine have been little more than a drop in the ocean. It really has all happened before. (Nibante retiring? Check. Double-tops? Check. Ken-2 getting a lead musumeyaku role? Check.)

My own tastes have changed a lot as well, so that when things may seem to be changing, a lot of it is all due to my changing perceptions of the Revue. (Sometimes it's you getting older, not everyone getting younger. *sigh*)

But taking that nine year slice and looking at it in a self-contained way, it has been interesting to see things shift among different troupes. As top stars stay longer or shorter periods of time, troupes change more quickly and more slowly; a kind of fast-forward and half-speed set of buttons. Things seemed very clear when I joined the fandom, and the website even reflected the Revue's interest in showing a clear hierarchy (they had head shots of nibante and sanbante along with the top stars on the Star File section of the website). When you're a new fan, you accept as gospel that that's how it has always been, so seeing things become more amorphous as young tops stars stayed for many years and younger stars grew up and older stars began moving more laterally instead of up the ladder.... Well, it was confusing at first. And not having a top musumeyaku in Moon Troupe (again) after Mihoko left meant that so many older musumeyaku got written awesome parts in the original Grand Theater shows. I grew to love that, and miss it in many ways. It was very different than just having younger musumeyaku as romantic partners of nibante and sanbante.

Mmm, [livejournal.com profile] dybji mentioned this in one of her meme posts, but I've also been enjoying the (slightly) more natural makeup that's been appearing here and there.

Things that haven't surprised me... The shift along with pop culture. Pop culture in the 00s was about cute boy bands and young Korean pop stars, and I think that has bled over into a lot of the smaller shows and revues.

Things that have surprised me, but probably shouldn't have... the Revue's formal and informal approach to fandom (particularly on the internet) has loosened enormously. I think in many ways they realized they were fighting a losing battle, although they held out much longer than many other entertainment cultures, and fan clubs are still fighting the good fight. Anyway, when the Revue started their own Facebook page with huge photos, I knew they were beginning to bow to the inevitable.
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[livejournal.com profile] ruderal_species's tough prompt for the 23rd (meme) was: Nostalgia.

Say it in a Takarazuka context and my first thought is usually "La Nostalgie," particularly the awesome version in the 1996 TCA Special.... It's something special♥ Mmmm.... fedoras.....

But the other nostalgic aspect to Takarazuka for me, and something which I really love, are the vintage Takarazuka goods and such. I love everything about pre-60s Takarazuka that I can get my hands on. In this, the 100th anniversary year, I encourage everyone to check out things like the [livejournal.com profile] vintage_zuka comm! (You know you want to fall in love with a black-and-white 'sienne.)
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Okay, fell a bit behind on lj this week because of test-prep and such, so time to get caught up!

My prompt for the 20th (meme) was from [livejournal.com profile] dybji: thoughts and such on the 100th?

I'm more than a bit thrilled, on multiple levels: The Revue has lasted a century, which is quite impressive, Masaki is top star for this momentous year, and there will be more Daiundoukai hijinks for us all to enjoy. I've also been enjoying the lead-up to the centennial, which included them pulling out such classics as Nova Bossa Nova and Gu Bijin over the past few years.

But with such build-up it's also hard not to feel some let down: They're focusing more on the sure-fire money-makers this year and less on older shows which might be fun to see (I'm guessing poor ticket sales of the Gu Bijin revival contributed to this decision), I'm personally not that thrilled with most of the shows in the line-up this year, and I'm not there and in fact am feeling very distant from the fandom lately as real life concerns need to take priority.

All of which adds up to a disappointingly flat feeling, I'm afraid. I'm trying not to let mid-winter blues influence me too much. I'm sure there will be a lot of fun things to enjoy this year. I'm hoping things let up and I can focus on fandom again (I say this every time circumstances shift, and it's never the new reality).

Well, that's all rather a bummer. Here, have a cute gif:

100th anniversary of Takarazuka Revue!? Yea-ah!
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Well, "Elisabeth" is [livejournal.com profile] incandescens's topic choice for today (meme). Since this is a Takarazuka journal, I'll keep to the musical. ;)

Elisabeth and I have a love/hate relationship. As with many foreign fans new to the fandom in the past decade, this was my first full Takarazuka show. At the time I appreciated it for the almost anime-esque, J-rock look that Takarazuka gave it. As a twenty-something I enjoyed the melodrama, and as a BL fan I had to love the Death/Rudolph angle as played on the Takarazuka stage.

Mmm, and then we worked on the transcription/translation and we watched it again, and again, and again. We watched all five versions (that existed at the time) to catch bits of dialogue and lyrics that we couldn't catch on one recording. I grew very, very sick of Elisabeth over the course of that year. I remember when the '07 Yuki version came out, [livejournal.com profile] wao_wao brought her copy over, and I watched it and thought, "Ah." Nothing. It was pretty, it had one of my favorite actresses in the lead, but I had overdosed.

Hardly more than a year later, and they announced that Tsuki would be doing it again. I can't remember what I thought about that, although I was probably anticipating it a little since I was living in Japan at the time and it would give me a chance to see it live. I thought Masaki might get Elmer, if we were lucky.

I was with [livejournal.com profile] shirabyoshi when they announced the principal cast, and we were walking down the street (thank you, Mobile Takarazuka alerts). I believe we convinced half the town that I was a madwoman, with all my shrieking and carrying on. Thank you, my dear, for not dying of embarrassment on the spot.

Mmm, nowadays I'm still a bit more leave it than take it, and when I do watch it, it's Franz Joseph who gets most of my attention (poor bastard). I suppose that's due to "growing up" and "becoming ancient."

On animals

Jan. 11th, 2014 12:25 pm
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(Feel free to keep adding prompts to the meme!)

Today's prompt is from [livejournal.com profile] zaraphena: What animal do you think represents each Top Star?

Hmm. This was tough for me because, to be honest, I haven't seen a lot of the other troupes in long enough that I haven't even seen some of the other top musumeyaku in anything.

Ranju Tomu: lion
Ranno Hana: painted bunting

Ryuu Masaki: black panther
Manaki Reika: deer

Sou Kazuho: fox
Manaka Ayu: I really couldn't say.

Yuzuki Reon: otter
Yumesaki Nene: swan

Ouki Kaname: turtle
Misaki Rion: I really couldn't say.
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I've fallen behind! Very sorry.

Yesterday's prompt was from [livejournal.com profile] quinquin: An anime Zuka should do a version of

Well, there is one manga that I have wanted a Takarazuka version of from the very moment I became a fan: Aoike Yasuko's From Eroica With Love. In one of the Soragumi kumibon, Mizu and, er, I can't even remember now, but they dress up as Klaus and Eroica, and it is fabulous. The first time I saw Glassy Landscape, Aran Kei's irascible detective so reminded me of Klaus that it became a daydream of mine that she would get to play him. Imagine my surprise, then, when it was announced that she would be playing Klaus's many-times over ancestor Tyrian in Aoike Yasuko's El Halcon in 2007. So close, yet so far.

I still daydream about it, although I know it would outrage a lot of people, as there aren't any female roles. Er, at all. But they could stage it as a Drama City show. Or make the villain a woman.

In any case, it's the story of a flamboyant art thief, the Earl Dorian, and the stiff-necked German Major Klaus of NATO who somehow either ends up getting assigned to track down Dorian or ends up needing to use his rather nontraditional skills as he battles his Cold War enemies. Klaus abhors how Dorian continuously flirts with him. Really, he does. XD

Saitou-sensei♥, I'm depending on you!
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(Feel free to keep adding prompts to the meme!)

Today is [livejournal.com profile] sanalith's prompt: how did you first hear about Takarazuka, and what was your first show?

It's interesting for me to look back, although I apologize to those of you hearing this story for the billionth time.

I think I first became aware of the Revue through livejournal, actually. A friend in the Eroica fandom posted about it occasionally, and as I was living in Japan at the time (2003-5), I thought it might be interesting to check out. Let's see if I can remember this story correctly... I can't remember what holiday it was (maybe a Golden Week? No, couldn't have been, since they saw Shigurezaka), but I believe two fannish friends and I had made plans to go to Osaka/Kyoto, and swing by the Grand Theater.

For some reason I never went on that trip (Work demands? Sick? Ran out of money? I can't remember), but the girls did bring me back a DVD. Like so many of the fandom, then, I ended up first seeing Elisabeth. It was pretty, and I liked it, but I wasn't hooked. I did like it enough that I decided at the last moment as I was moving back to the States, to see a show the day before I left while staying with a friend in Tokyo. Ironically, I ended up seeing Shigurezaka myself. I remember being very puzzled afterward while looking through the program to discover that the one I thought was top star was not top star (this was a Tom show).

Anyway, again I enjoyed the performance but was not hooked. Yet on the way out we swung through the gift shop and I randomly decided to buy a DVD as a souvenir (ah, the joys of a JET salary). After a bit of poking around, I saw that they had a version of Guys and Dolls and thought that would be good for a laugh at least, so... I bought it. And THAT was what snapped me up in steel jaws and never let me go. I think I wore out that Guys and Dolls DVD watching and rewatching it in the background for the next few months. What a perfect cast, and what a hilarious show♥ My tastes in shows has changed a lot over my time in fandom, but that show remains a great favorite.
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(Feel free to keep adding prompts to the meme!)

Today is [livejournal.com profile] rouen81's prompt: A movie Zuka should do a version of.

At first my thoughts turned to good Westerns, because they always need more Westerns. But inevitably I ended up with: Arsenic and Old Lace.

I suppose this is technically cheating on my answer, as it was a play before it was a movie, but I think this would be so funny with a good comedic lead and it also includes some fun Senka/upperclassmen roles. It would have to be something like a Drama City performance, not a Grand Theater show, because of the small cast, along with the rather dark humor. I can really picture someone like Asako playing Cary Grant's role of Mortimer Brewster (the faces he makes!).

Those of you who have seen this movie, what do you think? (If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!)
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*squints* I really thought that I had posted here in the new year, and then I realized that no, that was in the TIP journal. So, a belated happy new year to everyone!

I'm determined--one might even say resolved (hah!)--to post more this year, particularly since it's the centennial of the Revue, and that can only happen once.

I've posted this meme over in my other journal, but I thought I'd post it here as well with a more Zuka fandom bent. So, if anyone else has a wish to brush off LJ and revive it a bit, please do drop a comment below! Even if there isn't a prompt, I'll try to take some of the recent bits of news that I haven't had the time to comment on over the past few months and try to post a bit every day.

From the list of dates below, pick a date and give me a topic to post on. Feel free to pick more than one, can be anything...a word, a sentence whatever takes your fancy.

January 8: A movie Zuka should do a version of
January 9: how did you first hear about Takarazuka, and what was your first show?
January 10: An anime Zuka should do a version of
January 11: What animal do you think represents each Top Star?
January 12:
January 13:
January 14:
January 15: Elisabeth
January 16: yellow
January 17:
January 18:
January 19:
January 20: thoughts and such on the 100th?
January 21:
January 22:
January 23: Nostalgia
January 24:
January 25: Compared to when you began becoming involved in fandom, what changes in the company have surprised you? Which have not surprised you?
January 26:
January 27: the weirdest give-away you recieved at an ochakai
January 28: Brokeback Mountain has been turned into a muscial. Should Takarazuka do a version at the Bow Hall?
January 29: The future of Senka
January 30: If you had to pick one play to represent Zuka, what would it be? What about one revue?
January 31: How do you think the 200th anniversary will be
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Day 21 – Favorite current Otokoyaku

Well, I think that everyone knows that it's Ryuu Masaki.

I guess, to keep things interesting, I'll say my other two current favorites are Yumeno Seika and Houzuki An. I'm so sad Chinatsu didn't get the Berubara shinko lead like I was hoping she might; it was her last chance. But Andre isn't a bad role to go out on!

Day 22 – Favorite Song from a Revue

Hmm.... I suppose I answered this with "Exciter!!" for #9, so I'll go the other way and do my favorite musical theme song today.

Hm. It's gotta be Migiwa Natsuko's "Johnny On the Hill" (Johnny On the Hill), I think. (Hint, you can find an OG performance of it on the TIP Sampler Disk.) Although I also love Emao Yuu's version of "Itsuka" (Dean) a looooot♥

Then, I'm going to jump ahead, because I probably won't be online much over the next few days.

Day 23 – Favorite Golden Combi

Kiriya Hiromu & Aono Yuki

I know, you're shocked. But, honestly, up until a few years ago, I thought I had Golden Combis. That was until I first saw Kiriyan and Marimo perform and dance together. Nothing can compare, for me. Which seems like the definition of "Golden Combi" if I ever heard one. ;)

Day 24 – Favorite OG ever

Shibuki Jun! ♥

She is just so much herself, always. I love her drive and her personality and her Rika-ness.

Day 25 – One of your most precious Zuka-related items and the story behind it

The little tin box with the names of six members of Moon Troupe who were in Higher Than the Sky of Paris (Shirosaki Ai, Seijou Kaito, Ryuu Masaki, Enoki Touya, Kozuki Ruu, and Asumi Rio). It was for a souken that I happened to stumble upon the day I joined her club (2007.03.15). She was quite shocked to see me there at demachi when she was handing them out. *grin*
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Day 16 – Favorite Show

Nova Bossa Nova

It's been my favorite for seven years now; I don't think it's going to change. XD

Snow '99 in particular, but I've loved every version I've seen, even the snippets from the '70s. :D

And I've reviewed this show to death, so I'll just refer you to the tag below. ;)

ETA: Wait, wait.... I've done it again, haven't I? Sorry, I'm so used to the Japanese fandom. In Japanese "show" is the revue show.

Ummm, so, favorite musical?

Gu Bijin

Beautiful, lovely, painful. Did I mention beautiful? Beautiful sets, beautiful acting, beautiful singing, beautiful costumes.
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Day 14 – Favorite Stage Kiss

I really love all the evil ones. Like Hachiman seducing Kamala, or Tyrian with Penelope, or Death and Rudolph.

For happy times, I love the flirty kiss Kiriyan blows to Asako at the end of their dance in Tropicos Noches in Apasionado!!

Day 15 – Favorite Kageki Picture

I love the backstage photos in the Rakuya Shuzai (Backstage Coverage) feature. :D


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