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Just when you thought you had escaped completely. Sorry, I PROMISE, last one. ;)

Hamlet!! script.
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Eheh. Forgot to post this, didn't I? Still not convinced on the 鑑別 in this and "Decision", but it makes sense in context, so I went with it.

A million thanks to Julie, as always, for her help♥

And that finishes all 15 songs that you can buy from iTunes or the other official music sites. :)

The Fated Moment )
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With many thanks to suklaa-san on mixi, who helped me figure out the large patches I was missing! Phew! ;)

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I love every scene in Hamlet, but this is my favorite. I just love how it was all put together....

Letter From Hamlet )
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To those of you who love Shakespeare, I hope my meddling and breaking the meter isn't breaking your hearts. ;)

The Late King's Confession )
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Still not sure where to use the original and where not, when the lines are actually lifted. So I'm putting the original for now. Forgive the patchwork nature of it. ;)

Horatio's Confession )
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Still not 100% on this one, but confident enough to post it. Or rather, no time to bug any more friends with it, so this is how it'll be for a few more months.

Thanks to Julie for her help!

To Be Or Not To Be )
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Hm, hm, hm.... This might not be my final translation, as I haven't decided yet whether to use a more modern tone or an older one, but for now, this is as finished as this particular song can be on its own. Thanks to Julie for the loan of her ears♥

(Yep, the broadcast date finally being set has gotten me started on translating the songs to get a jump-start on my translation of the show. We'll see how well I do... Transcribing Scout is still making me cry, three years after I started.)

The New King (Ode to Denmark) )


Feb. 16th, 2010 11:20 pm
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I am having a very hard time figuring out where to put the lj-cuts in this one....

So. You love and support someone for five years and of course they change, and of course it happens so gradually you're only partially aware of it. Last year was especially hectic, so a lot of the changes actually *could* be seen, as she grew and stretched and beat down the walls she ran into and just... flew. But no matter how impressed I was by her Lucheni and her Palamon, there was still a large part of the back of my brain remembering the little ken-5. This show has changed all that. I don't know how to put it. I wouldn't say it "opened my eyes" or anything like that, but.... I guess I've fallen in love all over again, only this time with this amazingly talented, super-assured, calm and competent star who loves her fans in return.

Bow Hall, 2010

Lead: Ryuu Masaki

[ TakaWiki ] [ Asahi.com stage photos ]

This will be an amalgamation of a few performances, not a specific date.


The Rock Opera "HAMLET!!" is exactly what its titles imply: a rock opera. There are very few spoken lines, and there are something like 60 songs (not 60 melodies, but 60 different numbers). The music is all in-house, no famous songs reused. The duel between Hamlet and Laertes was choreographed by Kurihara Naoki (who also did the fight choreography for Pimpernel) and uses real practice fencing foils, not cheap-looking stage swords.

The costumes are very rock- and glam-rock-esque. The players scene ("The Murder of Gonzago" and just before) reuses some costumes from the Purple Haze numbers in "Fancy Dance" (2007). To be honest, based on stage photos I had thought I wouldn't care for the costumes, but they turned out to have much more impact in person, and not look cheap and thrown together, which I'd feared.

The set itself is composed of stairs. This is from memory, so the number and shape of the stairs might be off, but I wanted to show the bits that move, and where the band is.

Read more... )

There are several entrances and exits along the two aisles through the audience, which means if you're lucky to be close enough, you get a great view of the makeup and costumes. This includes Hamlet, Horatio, the Ghost, Ophelia, Laertes, and all the players.

As for the story itself, because the show is only 2 1/2 hours it's very fast-paced. Most of the dialogue has been cut and replaced with sung lines or songs -- the most famous bits left intact -- and some scenes are bridged with short narration by the three grave-diggers.

The opening is a prologue sung by the dead, in a graveyard. Horatio's character mentions it all started with "that incident"... and back we go, to Claudius's crowning and Hamlet's discontent. We pick up the story with Hamlet meeting Horatio (and the new sister), and Horatio mentioning that he had seen the ghost of the former king.

No plot changes, really. Even the sister doesn't say much at all, just stands behind Horatio's shoulder and sings counterpoint from time to time. Rosencrantz being a woman meant an interesting added line or two which seem to imply that she and Hamlet once had a thing, but other than that, nope.

Being Takarazuka, there are a short couple of dance numbers at the end. They also added some dancing by the main characters at the beginning of the scene where the players perform "The Murder of Gonzago".

The Actresses:

They really managed to put together a cast of strong singers for this show -- not just the principles, but all of the chorus as well, which makes it a real pleasure to listen to, start to finish. This isn't often the case in Takarazuka, particularly with rock numbers, so I was pleasantly surprised!

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Favorite Bits:

So hard to just pick a few, but...

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It's a newspaper review, but the paper is one of the few allowed to post reams of photos of the performances, so I imagine they have a close relationship with the theater, and I doubt they would ever give a bad review....

"Hamlet" on a Rock Scale, the Curtain Rises for the Takarazuka Bow Hall Performance
Sakasegawa Nekomaru

[ Asahi Newspaper Stage Review ]

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Back to your regularly scheduled Masaki. Are you sick of Hamlet!! yet? *grin* This one has some more meat to it. Tomorrow I'll try to translate the newspaper review of opening night, if I have time.

Rock Opera HAMLET!!

(Kageki, Feb. 2010)

Playwright/Director: Fujī Daisuke
Moon Troupe: Ryū Masaki

I thought this at the time I was doing 'The Two Noble Kinsmen' as well, but there are a lot of set phrases and jargon in Shakespearean works. I want not just myself, but everyone in the cast to perform with a full comprehension of them. Because I think that is the hidden interest of Shakespeare. )
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I've mentioned before that she's a total masochist when it comes to her work ethic, right?

An Unconventional Hamlet: Takarazuka Moon Troupe's Ryuu Masaki
[ online ] [ print ]

Tsuchiya Miki reporting for Nikkan Sports

Have they cast aside a convention of Takarazuka? The startling performance poster is the topic of conversation before the show opens. Moon Troupe star otokoyaku Ryuu Masaki's third lead performance is "Hamlet!!", a rock opera with over 60 songs, expanding on Shakespeare's play. Deep blue eyes, lips red as if dripping blood. Ryuu herself actively contributed her opinions to the process of creating the poster which looks straight into you. It seems that an ephemeral and exquisite new type of Hamlet will be born.

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