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First OG Renka sighting! She had dinner with Yakumo Mika and Izumo Aya, who tells us that she's teaching dance now.

Meanwhile, Touyan had dinner with OG Seo Mitsuki and with Mirio on Sunday night. Touyan tells us she's impressed with how much Mirio has grown and how cute and cool she is, and that the middle-aged lady at the next table over had hearts in her eyes. ;)
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Been... way too long since I worked on one of these. XD

87th Class: A Miniature Encyclopedia¹
Episode 6, Haruka Midori

Graph, June 2007

Text/Illustrations by Hinata San

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You guys are very bad at ignoring things, aren't you? *grins* Well, fine, make me log in then.

Anyway! Things I've been meaning to post!

So, Hatsuhime Saaya (for those who don't know, 'hatsuhime' means 'first princess') went to help Mame out with her makeup in her first princess role. <3 Awesomeness.

AND! Poster of Love! Eheehee. :3

Misc. OG

Apr. 3rd, 2010 09:25 pm
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Ladyland (OG group, see below) has a My Space page.

Tsukiji Kanade
Rune Maika (Yoshiko Ikuo)
Sakuma Takane
Souma Neo

Part of me suspects that their bids to make it as solo singers just weren't working well enough. <-- cynic


And... Isuzu Hikari is now Isuzu Coco, and... someone please give her a shirt. T_T
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Aya Mizuki got married yesterday, and apparently a lot of the 87th now living in the Tokyo area were there♥

Touyan, Mine Makoto, and Ayahashi Miyu all posted about it, and Isaki Maoto and Shiyou Rene also popped up in photos♥ I wonder who else was there? Rune Maika and Misaki Rei haven't posted since Saturday....
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I'm sorry, I've become That Person, who doesn't reply to comments. I meant to get caught up this weekend, but got bulldozed by a cold. So I ended up cleaning out my inbox a bit in the selfish way.

Oh, but, but, Touyan went to see Hanagumi senshuuraku yesterday. She also went to do otetsudai for Mame and Rene Apparently she's known Rene since jr high (I bet they went to the same TMS prep school -- they're both from Kanagawa). Shimizu Kyouka, Kano Seiya, Seiki Hanna, and Tomoka Shuri also went. They brought a cake and had fun, girly talk.

I never mentioned, but Touyan went down to Takarazuka for Tsukigumi raku, too. Originally she said she wasn't seeing the show until Tokyo, so part of me wonders if she went to do otetsudai after all because Seri got sick just before raku. Maybe Renka needed help?

Anyway, I think she summarizes up how I feel with her:


Cold, GO AWAY.

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Sorry for the huge delay (though I doubt anyone was waiting with baited breath), but I've just gone in and updated my '09 Graph guide.

I never talked about the May cover, did I?

I'm more than a little bit in love with Kishin-sensei. The entire photo shoot is lovely. The fact that it's Masaki AND Tomomin is simply icing on the cake. And, at long last, my three-year dream of Masaki stickers came true. .... I may have bought two copies just so that I'd have extra stickers. XD

And the talk between Kishin, Masaki, and Tomomin? Masaki, you dork. She goes on about having met Kishin before in a restaurant. Or, well, having seen Kishin in a restaurant, when they were sitting at adjacent tables. And going (to herself) "Oh! It's the photographer who does the GRAPH covers!" When she told this story, Kishin was all: ".... I do a few other things, you know." (He's a very famous photographer in Japan.) And then we learned that apparently people are always mistaking Tomomin for Chie. Um...?
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Much love to Anna for agreeing to do this with me, even though she was terrified of it.<3 I hope she'll forgive me for posting it while she's sleeping, but this is the point in my week where I actually have time to breathe *grin*. I did the odds and she did the evens. I hope everyone enjoys it -- I think the warmth of hoshigumi is a wonderful thing, and it really shows here.... even if they do tease poor Kazu too much.

Star Troupe Otokoyaku Round-Table Discussion

from The Takarazuka IV: Star Troupe (2008)

Translated by Jen & Anna

I. About Hoshigumi Rehearsal Clothes )

II. Dressing Well in Costumes )

III. Stage Makeup )

IV. The Behavior of an Otokoyaku )

V. The Black Tuxedo Brigade )

VI. When Star Troupe Otokoyaku Get Fired Up )

notes )
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by コマ

"Always smiling

by Koma

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Shiratori Kasuga, retiring. I'm not sure if I saw that one coming or not. On the one hand, she was transferred. On the other hand, she never did get a shinko lead...

Also, did they stick the Total Collection 2007 release date in there when I wasn't looking, or is that new? November 5th, and they start taking orders tomorrow!
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Long time no Mame Jiten. ;) Thanks to Lucia for helping me out, since I had about two paragraphs done before I moved, but forgot to scan the article and left it along with all my Graphs on the wrong continent. ;)

87th Class: A Miniature Encyclopedia¹
Episode 5, Hatsuhime Saaya

Graph, May 2007

Text/Illustrations by Hinata San

Come on in! Have a look!! )
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I am a weak woman. But then again, the 87th class tends to bring out my worser nature. *grin* And really, mixi emoji weren't going to cover it this time... ^^;

What seems to happen is that at the end of the run of classmate articles every year, there's a "counterattack" article. In it, all the interviewed seito get a chance to talk about the one who did all of their interviews. And since Hinata San is the most adorable and sweet and amusing creature ever, it is with great pleasure that I present:

87th Class: A Miniature Encyclopedia
Counterattack Episode, Hinata San

Graph, December 2007

[ pdf ] (3.4 MB)

With thanks to Lucia, because I still haven't gotten the December issue yet. T_T
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Um, this'll need tweaking come morning, but things are getting a bit fuzzy right now, so this is what I'm posting. ;)

87th Class: A Miniature Encyclopedia¹
Episode 4, Yumeno Seika

Graph, April 2007

Text/Illustrations by Hinata San

April, the month where so many things begin, is here. )
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GRAPH-Style Otokoyaku Cram School ~Moon Chapter~
GRAPH Jan. 2008

Teacher … Sena Jun [Moon Troupe lead otokoyaku]
Student … Ryū Masaki [Moon Troupe member, debuted in 2001]

Sena: So far Masao (Ryū) has performed my roles three times in the shinjinkōen. Brutus, Armand, and even Sandor - I think Masao and I are the only ones who could have done them, don’t you? )
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I am on day two of a power-outage because of a storm, for those not on my other journal. So that's why I'm even scarcer than usual. ;) Yay for public libraries.

Hoshigumi castings announced, oh, yay, yay, yay!
The Red and The Black
Anna Karenina (Tomomin version)
Anna Karenina (Eri version)

Thank you, Hankyu for simplifying things for me a bit. Because Tomomin AK just became the most awesomest thing ever. Yuzurun~! And Azusa! But YUZURUN!! And Tomomin!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The only sad point would be that they stuck Toa Reiya in the wrong cast. :/ Naughty Hankyu! Give me my Reiya-chan too! But the fact that she has such a relatively big role so soon is more awesome than words can say♥
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The Energy 8

Star - The Rose of Versailles: Matobu Sei & Koto Marie
Moon - Great Pirates: Yamato Yuuga & Kanou Chika
Snow - Burning Love: Sou Kazuho & Konno Mahiru
Cosmos - Castel Mirage: Tsubaki Hiroka & Ayano Kanami

The Rose of Versailles
[ TakaWiki ]

I can keep this short and sweet by saying... I didn't watch it. ^^; Really not in the mood for Berubara lately. But I did watch the speech at the end. Un-chan was as completely and terribly goofy as ever. Oh my god. She must be terribly, terribly shy. I hope her speeches are still as adorable, but I suspect she's gotten used to them by now.

Great Pirates )

Overall, a really fun show to see because of its nostalgia factor, but the surprise of this tape was actually...

Ai Moeru )

So, yeah. Wow. I think I need to go watch that again.

But first, a complaint! Why did no one tell me that...

Castel Mirage )

So, yes. Must hunt down full versions of Ai Moeru and Castel Mirage shinkos. ASAP.

[I'll come back and edit this post when I watch the Berubara.]
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This is still really rough, and hopefully I'll have a chance to edit it sometime next week. But, well. Time for bed now. ;) Anyway, I've been looking forward to this article all year (since it was the 87th class year, I knew Masaki had to come up), but even more so in the past month or so since I also fell for Mame (Hinata San).... I plan to do the rest of her articles at some point.....

Graph, Nov. 2007

87th Class: A Miniature Encyclopedia (1)
Episode 11, Ryuu Masaki

Text/Illustrations by Hinata San

It's November. Shimotsuki (2), that is, a cold more than the falling frost has come. Everyone, it's the turning point of the seasons, so please take good care of yourselves. Now then... Even for this little corner which has come every month, the time has come for the final guest. The final guest who ought to commemorate the occasion is the most plucky of the 87th class's otokoyaku. She'll perform the closing act with a presence and showmanship to rank with Sabu-chan (Kitajima Saburou) of Kouhaku Uta Gassen (3) -- Moon Troupe's Ryuu Masaki, Masao!!

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Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kalen9 for making me a scan while my copy still resides in Japan. ;)
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Young Bloods!! -Youthful Floral Pattern-
2006 Flower Troupe, Bow Workshop

[ TakaWiki ]

Leads: Kiryuu Sonoka & Miono Seira

I keep meaning to wait until I have time to watch it again and double-check my summary, but at this rate it's never going to happen, so... from memory, from a long time ago... ^^;

Summary: )

What I Thought:

Loved it. Of all the Young Bloods, this one has my favorite first act. I am a complete sucker for silly high school dramas, and this one was a great spoof. And as much as I like Sonoka, I have to say that Hinata San completely and absolutely stole the show. Her Koujirou-kun with his mix of Englishisms and odd Japanese, self-love, crowd of swooning admirers, and acted-out delusional daydreams.... *g* Other things I loved about this show were the amount of female roles, compared to the other Young Bloods. Suuko and Juri were both integral to the story, and not in a romantic way. Although, of course, what's a time-traveling story without a little romance? I admit, the ending was actually touching. Put that on top of a completely silly show, and I have to take off my cap to Saitou-S for this one.

On the other hand, I really didn't care much for the second act. The costume choices, in particular, were horrifying. I will say, however, that I absolutely and completely love the pair dance. Those lifts! ♥__♥
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Young Bloods!! -Sparkling Moon-
2006 Moon Troupe, Bow Workshop

Leads: Ryu Masaki & Shirahana Remi

[ Takarazuka Wikipedia ]

I could have sworn I did a review of this show last year, but I did a thorough check when I reorganized my tags last week, and I couldn't find it anywhere. *fail*

Summary: )

What I Thought:

Masaki and Remi are really the cutest combi ever, and I remain sad that they didn't get paired up for either of Masaki's shinko leads. I really, really can't wait for the Roma shinko to be broadcast in its entirety. <3

That said, the first act didn't really have anything resembling a plot, and what plot there was didn't call for huge amounts of quality acting. I guess they didn't really want to challenge the extremely young cast. Still, it was easy to see here the maturity and professionalism that so many people have remarked upon in surprise when they went to see Masaki's shinjinkouen performances. She's very calm and collected, and not nervous at all. <3 Still, "maturity" might be an odd word choice for the character she plays, as the opening number between the bratty RYU and the bratty REMI reveals. It's a silly show, but with some real gems in the otokoyaku trying to seduce Remi, and the musumeyaku having their competition for Masaki. This is the show that made me notice Kouzuki Ruu, Ryuuki Kazuto, and a lot of other babies.

The real reason I love this performance, however, is the second act. They had some great songs, and it really highlighted Masaki's strong point -- her singing. Her "All That Jazz" makes me weak in the knees. *grin* She doesn't seem like a ken-6 at all. The Indian Dance number is interesting, and Masaki and Mihou Aya's tango is absolute and complete love. In fact, I loved every number to death. The one big weak point was the fact that the rest of the cast was vocally weak, so some of the choruses suffered.
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A Magician's Misfortunes
Moon Troupe Tokyo shinjinkouen

Stars: Ryuu Masaki & Yumesaki Nene

I've already summarized the show here, so I won't bother with that so much.

This was my first live shinko, and I was nervous as hell for a lot of reasons, including the fact that it was Masaki in the lead. Masaki! The poor thing had been working herself to the bone for the past week, at least, with two performances a day and extra rehearsals until 9 or 10 at night for the shinko. Yet she still had amazing energy and a beautiful smile early every morning and late every night. I don't know how she did it. Anyway, the day of the shinjinkouen she arrived smiling, much to the relief of the ladies in the fan club. She seemed relaxed and rested. There was a 1:30 regular show that day, and then the shinko started at 6:30.

Masatsuka Haruhiko (the playwright/director of the regular show) was also directing the Tokyo shinko. This is interesting, since Inaba-sensei directed the Takarazuka shinko. I wonder.... Anyway, I actually caught a glance of him and the stage magician and a few of the other staff exiting the theater one night after shinko rehearsal (sorry to people hearing this story for the millionth time).

I ended up with a fairly good seat - 2nd floor, 5th row, seat 33, which is as close to SS-seki as I've ever been. <3

Read more... )

Overall? Loved it. Can't wait for it to be broadcast so that I can actually catch more of the underclassmen. I am a little sad that it was so short, but I got over that. Just to have been there, to watch Masaki and the rest of the 87ths at their last shinjinkouen performance -- that's why I was really there. The fact that it was a terribly funny play, with some great songs? Just a lucky, lucky bonus. :D

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