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I really wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Oh well. Just eight more working days, then holiday. (IE, Thursday next week.)

I will have to try not to count down the days too obviously...


“The dragons and the Fae are never going to be that close. Even if their cultures permitted it, they can’t tolerate each others’ worlds.” Prutkov conveniently ignored the fact that earlier he’d been suggesting they could ally closely enough to dispose of the Library. “There’s a place for us in the middle. We’re seeing the start of it now. We’re the dealmakers, the peacekeepers. We can have a real influence over them this way.” He looked Irene straight in the eyes. “Have you ever wondered what our ultimate purpose might be? Maybe we were meant to keep the peace by holding the reins on both sides. If they trust us, then we can persuade them separately to work with us. We can use this opportunity, Irene. We can use them. I’ve seen the records of your work with Kai while he was your apprentice. I know you understand what I mean.” His voice was confiding now, coaxing, encouraging. He leaned forward with the air of one sharing an intimacy. “Both sides are bound by their nature. We’re human. We can be more than that. The Library can grow. It can keep the peace rather than just steal books around the edges of creation. But for that to happen, they have to depend on us. They have to trust us. They have to need us.”

whoops, or how time flies

Jul. 17th, 2017 12:56 am
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I apologise. But it's hectic here.

Work (as whined about in a few previous entries) is in overdrive. And writing is also, well, fairly hectic. I've just finished going through the copy-edits for the US version of The Lost Plot, and I have the proof-pages of the UK version waiting to be read through. And book five to write, of course.

I'm not getting much else done.

I have rewarded myself (expensively) by booking a couple of theatre tickets for when I'm in Vienna in October - for Don Giovanni at the Opera House, and the less-highbrow but still fun Tanz der Vampire at the Ronmacher Theatre later in the week. One forgets what theatre tickets these days cost until one has to buy them. Still, I'd rather pay a bit more and have good seats, than pay less and spend the holiday regretting not having sprung for good seats.

Oh, and I see that the next Doctor Who is going to be a woman. Should be interesting. Fingers crossed she gets good writing - I can see that she's already a good actress.


Jul. 16th, 2017 06:44 pm
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and it's done. not the first chapter, not yet. but i've done raiden's story. and god, this fucking game. stressful? to an astonishing degree. the sounds of the metal gear RAYs haunt my nightmares. i get stressed thinking about the alert noise, or the alarm, or just. the sign of the vision cone on my radar. hideo kojima you strange, strange man. what a fucking game you've made. it's something else, it really is. and i love it. i have both 3 and 4, all ready to go soon, and i can't wait. but for now i take a break. partly because it's a little late, but partly because i am so stressed i have no words. 10/10 this game is something else. to an entire other degree. there were sections i never could have expected, and sections tthat made me want to punch my tv or my ps2, and all of them have made me so fucking proud to have beaten this game. thank goodness it's over, can't wait to see three.


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