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Ever been to an ochakai or ochanomikai and played an awesome game? Heard about one from a friend? Please share!

I know there are some faves that are used again and again, but there are also even neater ones that seem to depend on the seito and her staff’s creativity.

I’m collecting game/activity ideas for the fanmeet in NYC this summer and also *cough* for future fanmeets *coughcough*.

Date: 2016-06-06 01:16 am (UTC)
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I like the suggestion we got on tumblr of putting Otome photos in chronological order! If we could get enough of the Chicago cast I think it would be really fun/relevant. Plus it's the sort of thing you can guess by looking, so even people who are newer wouldn't have a problem with it.

Most of the ochakai games I've played kind of depend on your opponent having star power... The one I can think of that's doable is you have a list of the top 5 something, you give the audience #1, and have them guess #2. We played it so that you won if you guessed higher than the actress whether you were right or not, but we could just award the correct answer too.

EDIT: Alex had another awesome suggestion! The games they play on Sumire Park are really fun. They do speed charades with Takarazuka words, and some kind of drawing telephone where the first person in a line of 5 gets a word/phrase and draws it, shows it to the person behind her who tries to copy it, and down the line till the last person has to guess what the word was (which is actually funnier if no one can draw). I'd have to watch an episode to remember the others.
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